The Blonde Versus Brunette Debate

The blonde versus brunette debate continues. There has always been a quest to find out which hair color is better or more superior. Blonde has clearly been seen to tantalize many men. Women who have been both blonde and brunette say that they got more attention when they were blonde. Is it a good thing to have men stop you at every corner? This has to be personal view. There are so many women who do not like this undue attention from men. First, let us explore the differences between blonde and brunette. The blonde hair is brighter and bolder. It is often golden with plenty of shine. Brunette hair is a dark brown which can be either deep or light. Generally, the brunette color is known as the dark hair while the opposite is true for the blonde look. It is very much possible to switch the color of hair and, this is mainly done through the process of bleaching. Hair can also be enhanced in terms of color to be more highlighted and even less highlighted. With so much dynamics to the hair, women all over want to know the kind of hair that is better hence the blonde versus brunette debate.

But why exactly are women more attractive as blondes? It is vital to recognize the reason why men will hit on blonde women. There are several reasons to this. First, blondes will tend to stand out more often. This simply means that they will be recognized more compared to their fellow dark haired women. The other reason is that, the perception about blondes has been engrained in society. A movie star like Maryln Monroe was blonde and, this became the signal of beauty. Blondes will be associated with such stars and, this greatly influences people. When a woman is a blonde, they will not only attract men but, they will feel a sense of superiority and sometimes this can translate to a lot of confidence. To be fair on the blonde versus brunette debate, let us look at some of the downsides of being a blonde. Blondes are mainly known to be damn or stupid. This is because with beauty, brains can prove elusive. Again, this is the perception that people have had over the years.

They are mainly associated with being materialistic and sometimes being heartless. They are nowhere on the list when it comes to home making. If you are still asking yourself blonde versus brunette, look at some of the perceptions of brunettes. They are mysterious, quiet, down to earth and even intelligent. They are said to make the best mothers and wives. They are able to look beyond their nasal formation and be the ideal housewives. These are strong sentiments and, they are out there. However, men will not date brunettes for fun; they will date them for marriage. Blonde versus brunette is a talk that will not end soon. The best thing is to know yourself and, be the best woman that you can be whether brunette or blonde.